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1 min readSep 28, 2021

Can a biopic be called a work of fiction ?

Can a story be inspired by someone’s life and still be coincidental? The Netflix released “Thalaivi” seems to be in a bit on a conundrum while deciding between the two. The synopsis of the movie states that it’s a biopic inspired by Jayalalithas life but the disclaimer in the beginning of the movie says that the movie is fictional and any resemblance to a real person is coincidental.

In our opinion, this is contradictory and incorrect. A biopic should not claim to have resemblances as merely coincidental. They are based on someone’s life! A more accurate disclaimer would be the one where they state that it is inspired by the real life events of Jayalalitha and some parts have been dramatized and fictionalized for effect and storytelling.

Why do movies give disclaimer though? It’s usually done to mitigate the risk of legal actions for defamation! However, a wrongly done disclaimer kind of defeats that purpose and may land some people into trouble!

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