Censorship on OTT Platforms : Protection or Violation?

Abrise Legal
2 min readFeb 15, 2021

With the recent hue and cry about content on OTT platforms like in “A Suitable Boy or Mirzapur, there is a strong sentiment in the government to bring OTT platforms under the censorship umbrella like broadcasting media.

The question arises, why are they different?

Content on OTT platforms is NOT broadcasted but presented as if it were on the internet. It is a choice meant for private viewing and therefore should not be subjected to the same scrutiny like broadcasting.

All platforms agree that they need to have strict content and age warnings and mechanisms like child lock to ensure control BUT censoring content would be restricting creative expression which is against the Fundamental Right of Speech and Expression.

If we do speak of censorship being wrong on web/OTT Platforms being correct, then how do we justify porn being banned in India?

The IT Act gives The Government the power to remove any objectionable content that harms India’s sovereign interests but how is anything being decided when these philosophies are so relative? How much nudity is too much nudity for the government to take objections? and what are the rules being followed to set the standards?

What do you think? Are censorship regulations protecting the society or infringing fundamental rights?



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