• You thought of a product and the next thing you see is your phone is filled with suggestions? Is your power of manifestation that strong ? Is it the call of the universe ? Or is it #artificalintelligencetechnology

Did you know that #alexa, #siri and the likes, store everything you say to them indefinitely to train and develop their #artificialintelligence ? Or that face recognition softwares used by #apple and #google are being used to create a surveillance database .

Have you ever wondered how you just mention a product and soon enough you start seeing it on every ad you see in your phone? Is your phone connected to your thoughts now or is it just a sign from the universe? The reality is a lot less esoteric than this. It’s the price we pay for all the apps and softwares we use. We are saying yes to a lot of things in the “Software End-User License Agreements” when we just “agree and accept” things without reading the bulky documents.

After the Facebook controversy, the next hot topic of conversation or rather, worry, is the face and voice recognizing apps and devices like face recognition for unlocking phones, Alexa, Google assistant and Siri.

This technology is not only used dangerously but also ensuring that the very concept of Privacy no longer exists.

There have been multiple cases where these apps have recorded private conversations even without the “wake words” like “Hey Siri” or “Ok Google”.

Companies are not only eavesdropping but Tracking EVERY.SINGLE.THING we do. Are we repeating the mistake we made with Facebook by not protecting our data, only at a much larger scale?

Will the very concept of privacy cease to exist with everything from our faces, voices, likes, dislikes, work times, etc being stored in a database ready to be exploited by the highest bidder? #knowyourlaw #knowyourights



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